Junior Member Tournament – 2023

We are running a special tournament for our junior members this year – catch and release with the opportunity to win prizes and a bonus prize for the adult who takes the most juniors on a successful trip.

Please note, that to register your junior members, you must be their RISAA sponsor.

Dates: August 4-12.

Rules: On the evening of August 3rd, the adult will receive an email specifying a playing card. For every entry made on behalf of a junior member must include the date and time of the catch with a photo showing the junior, the fish and the playing card. Please also tell us if this was caught from a boat or shore.

Winners will be the juniors with the most different species caught. Any ties will be evaluated by the tournaments committee based on the difficulty of the catch – apparent size, shore vs boat, powered vs manual, etc…

Prizes for places 1-5, with the junior getting a check to use at any of our member bait and tackle shop of their choice. $125 for 1st, $100 2nd, $75 3rd, $50 4th, $25 5th. $50 to the youngest angler landing a fish and $75 to the sponsor who lands fish with the most junior members.

Capt. Tj Harris and Evan

Capt. Tj Harris and Jack

Capt. Tj Harris and Lily

Vince Lechmanick and John

Matt O’Connell and Chalotte

Matt O’Connell and Nolan

Michael Piper and Hardison

Michael Piper and William

Erica Yidiaris and Fiona

Erica Yidiaris and Olivia