Fish Habitat / Research

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation has sponsored many projects that are now benefiting the marine environment from building fish ladders to designing and installing artificial reefs and sponsoring research projects on marine fisheries topics.

Artificial Reef Construction

RISAF grants helped build the Artificial reef at Sabin Point where 64 reef balls were placed to provide new habitat for many species of fish including juvenile black sea bass, tautog and scup.

News video about the construction
Underwater video of the reef

Fish Ladders

RISAF grants have also opened up hundreds of acres of ponds and streams to returning river herring in many areas from Wakefield to North Kingstown and East Providence, RI. This was made possible through cooperation with RIDEM and other partners such as The Nature Conservancy to redesign and rebuild fish ladders to allow returning fish to swim up to their native breeding grounds.

Restoration and Research

RISAF has sponsored salt marsh restoration in the Narrow River area and helped with lighthouse restoration. We also have provided funding for research into the causes of mycobacterium infections in striped bass and sponsored a research program at Roger Williams University into the heavy metal concentrations in scup caught in RI waters.