Registration – Charter Trip

Use this page to register for our upcoming Fluke Fishing Charter Trip. Since your dues subsidize the cost, the trip is limited to only members and their associated junior members.

This trip will take place on July 17th and the cost will be $65 for members and $40 for juniors. Please note that this includes the tip and is subsidized by RISAA to offset their normal cost of $120 per person.

This trip will depart from Pt Judith/Francis Fleet (33 State St, Narragansett) at 8AM and return at 3PM. The boat will be the 105′ Lady Frances, their large boat and we will have 50 people on board, so we will have plenty of room. Boarding begins at 7 AM, and the trip departs at 8 AM. If you are late, the trip still departs at 8 AM and no refunds will be issued.

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