2024 Surfcaster’s Challenge

2024 Tournament Affidavit

June 7 6:00pm – June 9 7:00am.

Fish must be caught from surf or shore in Rhode Island waters statewide.  Fish caught by boat are not eligible.

All Striped Bass entries are catch and release only. Bluefish are catch and release recommended.

Enter exact length in inches, do not round up or down – for example, enter 45.4, not 44 or 46.
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A picture of the fish is required with this affidavit and must include a ruler or tape measure stretched taut, placed below the fish with a rod wrapped in blue tape placed above the fish as shown above. The ruler must begin at the nose of the fish and extend past its tail. Place the ruler below – not on top of – the fish. The picture must clearly indicate the measurement in inches, show the rod, and the whole fish. SUBMISSIONS WHICH DO NOT FOLLOW THIS CRITERIA WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
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