RIDEM 2019
Rhode Island Marine Recreational

A Saltwater Fishing License is required
to fish in Rhode Island waters.
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These are the Rhode Island recreational size and bag limits of common saltwater species.
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Note: These are state regulations that cover shore to 3 miles out. When fishing beyond three miles, federal regulations apply. See NOAA Fisheries Regulations page.

Bag limit / Minimum Size

American Eel 25 eels/person/day - 9 inch minimum
50 eels/day per vessel for licensed party/charter vessels (no closed season)

Black Sea Bass 15 inch minimum
June 24 to Aug 31 - 3 fish/day
Sept 1 to Dec 31 - 7 fish/day
Bluefish 15 fish/day - No minimum size
(no closed season)

Cod 10 fish/day - 22 inch minimum
(no closed season)

Haddock No bag limit / 18 inch minimum
(no closed season)

(Bunker, Pogies)
*see special section below
less than or equal to 4" - unlimited
4" and greater - 200 fish/person per day
Monkfish less than/equal to 14"
17 inch minimum (whole fish)
11 inch minimum (tail only)
Bag: 50 lbs tails/day or 166 lbs whole/day
Pollock No bag limit / 19 inch minimum
(no closed season)
River Herring
(Alewives, blueback herring)
Possession prohibited
Scup Shore and Private Boat
30 fish/day - 9 inch minimum
May 1 to Dec 31

Special Shore Area Provisions
Minimum size of 8 inches for anglers
fishing from shore only at
Fort Wetherill, Jamestown
Fort Adams, Newport
India Point Park, Providence
Stone Bridge, Tiverton
East and West Walls, Pt Judith/Narragansett
Conimicut Park, Warwick
Rocky Point, Warwick

Party and Charter Boat
10 inch minimum
May 1 - Aug 31: 30 fish/person/day
Sept 1 - Oct 31: 45 fish/person/day
Nov 1 - Dec 31: 30 fish/person/day
Striped Bass 1 fish/day - 28 inch minimum
(no closed season)
In addition, any striped bass, 34 inches and larger, must have the right pectoral fin removed upon harvest.
Summer Flounder
6 fish/day - 19 inch minimum
May 1 to Dec 31
Tautog 16 inch minimum
April 1 to May 31 (3 fish/day)
June 1 - July 31 (closed)
August 1 to October 14 (3 fish/day)
October 15 to December 31 (5 fish/day)

In addition there is a 10 fish boat maximum per day

1 fish/day - 16 inch minimum
No closed season

Winter Flounder
Special note:
All of Narragansett Bay, and in Potter Pond, Point Judith Pond and the Harbor of Refuge is closed.
(section 11.19, RI fish regs)
2 fish - 12 inch minimum
March 1 to Dec 31



Want to fish for Billfish, Shark or Tuna?
A SPECIAL PERMIT is required

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