Artificial Reefs Committee

The purpose of the Artificial Reefs Commmittee is to assist in developing an artificial reef program for the State of Rhode Island that provides a recreational benefit for itís residents and visitors by:
  • Gathering, organizing and distributing information which includes environmental, economical, and educational benefits to the State.
  • Reaching out to other interested organizations in an effort to collaborate in achieving the common goal.
  • Working with the appropriate State officials to ensure the process moves forward.
  • Proposing options for financing, execution, and maintenance of the program to the State.

Repository of Important Documents - BY STATE

Maryland Artificial Reef Plan
Maryland Artificial Reef Sites
Massachusetts Reef Guide (2008)
Mississippi Artificial Reef Plan (1999)
New Jersey
New York
DEP Reefs Page
Long Island reef sites
National Reef Plan (NOAA - February, 2007)
Rhode Island
Chart: Reef sites off Newport
Chart: Reef site east of Block Island
South Carolina
DNR Reef pages
Marine Science - reef program explained

Reef Sites - All states

Articles/News On Artificial Reefs
New Jersey Reef News, 2007
Navy destroyer to be sunk off Ocean City, NJ for fish reef, September, 2010
New York Boat Launches and Artificial Reefs to get boost from saltwater license
R.I. Senate proposes reefing legislation (March, 2010)

RI Ocean Special Area Management Plan (SAMP)
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapeter 2. Ecology of the Ocean SAMP Region
Chapter 3. Global Climate Change
Chapter 4. Cultural and Historical Resources
Chapter 5. Commercial and Recreational Fisheries
Chapter 6. Recreation and Tourism
Chapter 7. Marine Transportation, Navigation & Infrastructure
Chapter 8. Renewal Energy and Other Offshore Development
Chapter 9. Other Future Uses
Chapter 10. Existing Statutes, Regulations and Policies
Chapter 11. Policies of the Ocean SAMP
Appendix A. Technical Reports
Fisheries Usage Maps

RISAA Artificial Reefs Committee Newsletter (Spring, 2006)
RISAA Artificial Reefs Committee Newsletter (Spring, 2008)
RISAA Artificial Reefs Committee Powerpoint (Spring, 2008)