Steve Medeiros
Stephen Medeiros: President
One of the founding members, Steve is serving a 23nd term as President. He is also the Executive Director. Steve is the Newsletter Editor, and Chairs the Saltwater Fishing Show. He is also director of the annual Youth Fishing Camp. He is also active on 14 other committees.

Rich Hittinger
Capt. Richard Hittinger: 1st Vice President
Rich is now in his 13th year as an officer. He is chairman of the RISAA Artificial Reefs Committee, Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee and also serves on the Political Action Committee and Youth Fishing Camp committee. He co-chairs RISAA’s bi-annual Recreational Fishing Symposiums. Rich represents RISAA on several state fisheries and environmental groups. He previously served on the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council for eight years. E-mail

Capt. David Monti
Capt. David Monti: 2nd Vice President
Dave is now serving his 8th term as an officer. Dave is vice chairman of the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council and serves on RISAA’s Legislative Committee. He is co-chair of the Recreational Fishing Symposium, works on Youth Fishing Camp and is a licensed charter captain. He is a fish advocate providing anglers, captains/guides and fishing association leaders with conservation training and advocacy. He is an American Saltwater Guides Association board member. Dave is a fishing writer for the Providence Journal, eleven other newspapers, and the Marine Fish Conservation Network blog often writing about fish policy, climate change and ocean wind. E-mail
Susan Lema

Susan Lema: Secretary

A member for the past 16 years, this is her first time serving on the Board. Susan is also a member of the Charter Trips and Legislative Committees.

Peter O'Biso
Peter O'Biso: Treasurer
Peter is serving his 9th year on the Board and 7th year as Treasurer. A very active 16-year RISAA member, he serves on the Charter Trips, By-Laws, Fly-Fishing, Legislative, Saltwater Fishing Show, and Youth Fishing Camp Committees..

David Michel
David Michel: Sergeant-At-Arms
An 11-year RISAA member, this is David’s second term as an officer. He has been a member of the Scholarship Committee for the past 11 years, and has been its Chairman for the past 7 years. He also serves on the Legislative Committee..


Lawrence Hill

Lawrence Hill: Board Member

This is Larry's first term on the Board. He has been a member for five years and is on the Legislative and Surfcasters committees. He is also Chairman of the Fund-Raising Committee which runs the tackle raffles at monthly meetings.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson: Board Member

This is Gary’s third term on the Board. He has been a RISAA member for 18 years, and chairs of the Merchandise Committee. In addition he serves on the Legislative, Saltwater Fishing Show and Youth Fishing Camp Committees.

Douglas MacPherson

Douglas MacPherson: Board Member

A 21-year member, Doug is now serving his third year as a Board Member. Doug previously served on the Board in 2002-2013 as 1st Vice President. He is currently chairman of the Legislative Committee and also serves on the Youth Fishing Camp Committee.

Robert Murray

Robert Murray: Board Member

A RISAA Member for 15 years, this is Bob's 7th term on the Board. He is the administrator of RISAA's Tag & Release Program, and is an active member of the Legislative Committee.

Roger Tellier

Roger Tellier: Board Member

This is Roger’s 9th term on the Board. A RISAA member for 20 years, he serves on the Legislative and Youth Fishing Camp Committees and is a very active member helping on nearly every club event.

Dawn Wood

Dawn Filliatreault Wood: Board Member

Dawn has been a RISAA Member for 12 years and is now serving her second year on the Board. Dawn is the Vice Chair of the Education Committee and also serves on the Legislative, Saltwater License Plates and Welcome committees.

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