Steve Medeiros
Stephen Medeiros: President
One of the founding members, Steve is serving a 20th term as President. In 2011, he was appointed as RISAA's first Executive Director. He sits on several state boards and fisheries groups. Steve is the Newsletter Editor, Chairs the N. E. Saltwater Fishing Show and Take-A-Kid Fishing Day committees, and is active on 11 other committees. Steve also serves on the 2017 Recreational Fishing Symposium committee. E-mail

Rich Hittinger
Capt. Richard Hittinger: 1st Vice President
Rich is now in his 10th term on the Board. He is chairman of the RISAA Artificial Reefs Committee, Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee and the Political Action Committee. He also serves on the 2017 Recreational Fishing Symposium committee. Rich represents RISAA on several state fisheries and environmental groups. Last year he retired from the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council after serving for eight years. E-mail

Capt. David Monti
Capt. David Monti: 2nd Vice President
Dave is now serving his 5th term on the Board. He is a recreational representative on the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council, and is chairman the RISAA Legislative Committee. In addition, he serves on the 2017 Recreational Fishing Symposium committee. Dave is also a member of the Recreational Fisheries Working Group of NOAA’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee. He is a licensed charter captain and writes a fishing column for the Providence Journal and several local newspapers. E-mail

Travis Barao
Travis Barao: Secretary
Travis has served three terms as a Board member before taking over as Secretary in 2017. He is one of the recreational representatives on the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council. He is also a recreational representative to the Atlantic States (ASMFC) Black Sea Bass, Fluke and Scup Advisory Panel. Travis is a member of the RISAA Legislative Committee and serves on the 2017 Recreational Fishing Symposium committee. E-mail

Peter O'Biso
Peter O'Biso: Treasurer
Peter is serving his 6th year on the Board and 4th year as Treasurer. A very active 13-year RISAA member, he serves on the Charter Trips, By-laws, Fly-Fishing, Legislative and Saltwater Fishing Show committees.

Michael Lawing
Capt. Michael Lawing: Sergeant-At-Arms
Mike is serving his 4th term on the Board, and his second year as Sergeant-At-Arms. He is chairman of the Fund-Raising Committee and also serves on the Legislative Committee. Mike is also a licensed charter captain.


Frank Cordeiro

Frank Cordeiro: Board Member

This is Frank's first year on the Board, but he has been a RISAA member for 19 years. He serves on the Legislative Committee.

Robert Murray

Robert Murray: Board Member

A member for 12 years, this is Bob's 4th term on the Board. He is Chairman of the Tag & Release Committee, and is an active member of the Legislative Committee.

Thomas Smotherman

Thomas Smotherman: Board Member

Tom has been a member for 16 years. This is his 3rd year on the Board. Tom serves on the Legislative and Take-A-Kid Fishing Day committees.

Roger Tellier

Roger Tellier: Board Member

Roger has served as the Secretary for the past 5 years before taking a Board Member position in 2017. A RISAA member for 17 years, he serves on the Legislative Committee and volunteers to help on every club event.

Diane Valerien

Diane Valerien: Board Member

This is Diane's second year on the Board and she also serves on the Education, Legislative and Tag & Release Committees. She's known as a "hard core" angler who fishes many times each year, and has been a seminar speaker sharing her knowledge with other members.

Capt. Mike Warner

Michael Warner: Board Member

Mike is now serving his 9th term on the Board. He's an active volunteer and hard worker, chairing the Boat Shows and Foundation Committees and serves on the Artificial Reefs, Legislative and Scholarship Committees.

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