RISAA 2012
Officers and
Board Of Directors

Steve Medeiros
Stephen Medeiros: President
One of the founding members, Steve is serving a 14th term as President. He recently retired from the Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council after serving for 12 years. He sits on several state boards and fisheries groups. In 2011, he was appointed as RISAA's first Executive Director.
Steve is the Newsletter Editor, Chairs the N. E. Saltwater Fishing Show and Take-A-Kid Fishing Day committees, and is active on 11 other committees.
Rich Hittinger
Capt. Richard Hittinger: 1st Vice President
Rich is now in his 5th term on the Board, and is a very active member of RISAA
He chairs the Artificial Reefs Committee, and serves on the Legislative, Menhaden and Political Action Committees.
Rich was appointed as a recreational representative to the Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council in 2008, and is the Council's Vice Chairman. He also serves on several state fisheries and environmental groups.
George Allen
George Allen: 2nd Vice President
This is George's 4th term as a member of the Board, but has been a member since 1999.
In 2008 George retired from the Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council after serving for 16 years as a recreational fishing representative. He is the current chairman of the Legislative Committee.
Peter O'Biso
Peter O'Biso: Secretary
Peter was appointed to the Board in August, 2011, and was then elected to serve a full term in 2012. He has been a member since 2004, and currently serves on the Legislative Committee and is chairman of the Charter Trips Committee.
Capt. Ed Cook
Capt. J. Edwin Cook: Treasurer
This is Ed's 5th term as Treasurer.  He chairs the RISAA Menhaden Committee, serves on two others, and sits on the RIMFC Fluke, Bluefish and Striped Bass Advisory Panels
Capt. David Monti
Capt. David Monti: Sergeant-At-Arms
Dave, a member since 2009, was appointed to the Board on September 18, 2012 to fill a vacany. He is a recreational representative on the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council, and a member of the RISAA Legislative Committee.
Robert Blasi
Robert Blasi: Board Member
Bob is serving his 6th term on the Board. Bob chairs the By-Laws Committee, and also serves on the Finance, Legislative, Membership, Menhaden and Fishing Show Committees.
Charlie Bradbury
Charles Bradbury: Board Member
Charlie is serving his 7th year on the Board.  He serves on seven RISAA committees and chairs the Tournaments Committee.
Capt. Edward Kearney
Capt. Edward Kearney: Board Member
Ed is serving his 8th term on the board.  He serves on eight RISAA committees, chairing three of them, and serves on the RIMFC Enforcement Advisory Panel.
Bill Sosnicki
William Sosnicki: Board Member
Bill is is serving his 12th year on the Board.  He co-chairs the Merchandise Committee as well as serving on and 4 other committees.
Roger Tellier
Roger Tellier: Board Member
Roger was appointed to the Board on October 1, 2011, and was elected for a full term of 2012. He has been a member for 11 years and has served on the Legislative Committee during that time.
Capt. Mike Warner
Capt. Michael Warner: Board Member
Mike is now serving his 6th term on the Board. He Chairs the Boat Shows and Foundation Committees and also serves five other Committees.