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February, 2006 NEWSLETTER
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LNG Proposal (Page 1)
American Eel Meeting Report (Page 1)
Quaker Lane Rebuilt by Spring (Page 1)
President's Message (Page 2)
Membership Committees (Page 3)
Entertainment and Tag/Release Committees (Page 4)
The Watch:  (Page 5)
Wish List 2006 (Page 6)
Up in Smoke (Page 7)
IGFA Corner, Charities Commitee (Page 8)
RISAA Foundation (Page 9)
February Seminar Announced (Page 10)
RISAA Banquet (Page 12)
Angler Profile (Page 13)
Tournaments Committee Report (Page 15)
Angling Hall of Fame (Page 16)
Yearlong Tournament (Page 18)
Grand Slam Fishing (Page 20)
Cooking your Catch (Page 23)
RISAA PAC (Page 24)
Plum Island Surfcasters Fund Raiser (Page 25)
Common Narragansett Bay Life - Common Slipper Shell (Page 27)
Member-2-Member Listings (Pages 33-34-35)
Who's Who In RISAA (Page 41)


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