RISAA The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers
Political Action

What is the RISAA PAC?
Following is a short explanation of the RISAA Political Action Committee (PAC)

Why did RISAA form a PAC?
One of the missions of RISAA is to represent the concerns of the recreational community on regulatory and legislative issues. That means we will, like it or not, have to deal with elected officials. We know from experience that there are a number of legislators who have worked hard on our behalf and supported RISAA initiatives.

We also need legislative support when it becomes necessary for us to have legislation introduced that support our goals.

Before the PAC, we had no way of legally supporting these legislators or attending fund-raising activities for candidates. It is important that legislators understand who we are and, more importantly, the concerns of our members firsthand. If we don't advance our own causes, no one will do it for us. To be effective, we must participate in the political system.

The official stated purpose on the articles of incorporation for the RISAA PAC is
"To further the interests of recreational saltwater anglers.

The official stated goals of the PAC are
  • To improve and maintain public access to the shoreline
  • To ensure the conservation of marine resources
  • To protect the rights, traditions and future of recreational anglers

  • Does my RISAA dues go to the PAC?
    NO! Under no circumstances does any members' dues or any other contribution made to the club be used for the PAC. Indeed, it would be a violation of state election laws for any money from RISAA to be used for PAC purposes.

    How does the PAC get its funding?
    • All money received by the PAC must come from individual donors
    • No contributions can be accepted from any organization or business interest
    • No affiliate clubs can donate to the PAC from their treasurery
    • The PAC has an independent treasurer and its own bank account
    • Contributions are welcome from all members and members of affiliate clubs

    Who decides how PAC contributions are distributed?
    A two-step process is required before ANY PAC funds can be distributed.
    1. RISAA has a Special PAC Committee. The members of that committee review every request for funds from political candidates and votes on every request. Only about 5% of those requests are approved by the committee. Support generally goes to legislators who have supported RISAA goals in the past or are in a position to support future concerns of recreational anglers, such as members of the House and Senate Environment Committees.
    2. If approved by the PAC Committee, the request then goes to the RISAA Board of Directors, and a favorable majority vote is required.

    3. Only after both groups have approved the expense can a PAC check be written. Then our PAC representatives, usually the President and 1st Vice President, will attend the political event to represent our Association.

    How can I get involved?
    We encourage all members to get involved in this political process.
    It's the only way to help protect the future of recreational fishing.
    The best way to do this is the join the RISAA Legislative Committee.

    If you are interested and would like more information send us an E-MAIL.

    To make your own contribution to the PAC, send a check, payable to "RISAA PAC" to: RISAA PAC
    P.O. Box 1465
    Coventry, RI 02816