Rhode Island
Fishing Guide

Basic information on fishing Rhode Island's marine waters from shore

Basic Information Before You Begin

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management offers a map publication, at no charge, titled "Recreational Fishing and Boating access Guide." This map can be obtained at DEM's Great Swamp office by calling 401-789-0281. Many of our suggested fishing locations can be located on the DEM map. The map also contains color pictures of all species of fish in Rhode Island waters.

Another useful publication for the shore angler is "Public Access to the Rhode Island Coast" which may be obtained for a fee of $10.00 through the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) located at the Stedman Government Center, Rt. 1, Wakefield. A copy can also be mailed to you on receipt of your check by CRMC. RISAA offers this publication through our Public Access Committee at monthly seminars also. This booklet offers detailed descriptions of Public Access Rights of Way (ROWS) along our shoreline. Directions and parking information are also in the booklet. Both of the above mentioned publications are recommended resources for the shore angler.

Rhode Island Sea Grant offers an online publication: A Day Tripper's Guide to Rhode Island

Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Regulations are here

A recreational salt water license is required to fish in Rhode Island waters.
For more information about the license, go HERE

A commercial salt water license is required to catch and sell fish. A license is also required to fish in fresh water.

The other sections in this "Guide" will concentrate on three popular salt water species of fish available in Rhode Island waters. Striped bass, bluefish, and blackfish (tautog) techniques offer the basic skills needed to catch any fish that one might choose to target from shore.

Other species such as scup, fluke, winter flounder, and sea trout (Squeteague) are available in our area at certain times of year.
(Fishing for winter flounder is prohibited in Narragansett Bay and the salt ponds along the southern coast)

All of these species are regulated, so please visit the REGULATIONS page on the RISAA web site which always has the most current regulations.

For a breakdown of what fish are caught during each season, check the Seasons in this "Guide."

The beginning angler should not be afraid to ask questions at Bait and Tackle shops and of other anglers. Don't expect miracles all at once either. Most of us have had to pay our dues with long hours of trial and error to accumulate knowledge. For that very reason you may be better off fishing where you find other seasoned anglers fishing. Don't crowd the sharpies, and pay attention to what they are doing. Most of all enjoy the experience!


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