The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, created to preserve our marine fisheries, the sponsorship of educational and public awareness programs, environmental protection, restoration projects, and youth activity programs that foster recreational fishing, safety and conservation.

The Foundation helps to fund community, public access and marine fisheries projects, and donors can be assured that their contributions are used wisely.  Any funds expended by the Foundation must satisfy strict IRS 501(c)(3) rules.

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Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation Scholarships
Recreational Fishing Advancement Grant
  • The Foundation is interested in promoting and investing in a program or research project that will have benefit to the recreational fishing community.
  • The Foundation is willing to fund a project exclusively, however we encourage applicants to leverage our grant with Federal, State or other such funding to allow these funds to be used as a key part of a larger project.
  • The Foundation may award one or multiple projects.
  • The maximum amount available for an individual project is $15,000. These funds may be used for on-the-ground habitat conservation and improvement projects, research, culture specific to species of recreational interest, or for projects that will in some other way benefit recreational fishermen in Southern New England
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The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation

The "Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation Fisheries and Marine Sciences Scholarship" shall be awarded to any Rhode Island resident high school senior, who will attend either the University of Rhode Island or Roger Williams University, in a fisheries or marine science program, within one year.
$500 Scholarships are awarded
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